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The John Mathews Educational Charity

Grant Application Form


Surname : ____________________________


Forenames  : ____________________________


Date of Birth : ____________________________


Home Address : _______________________________________________________________________________________ 


No of years resident at his address  : ____________________________


Are you on the electoral register for this address : ____________________________


Correspondence address ( If different to above) : ____________________________


Telephone number : ____________________________


Mobile number  : ____________________________


Email Address : ____________________________


Place of Birth : ____________________________


Have you, or a relative, previously applied to the charity for an award? Give full details if Yes  __________________________________




Degrees / diplomas / Academic Qualifications already achieved. Please state university / college and dates awarded. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________



What is your current / proposed course and university / college of study? : ____________________________


Is your current / proposed course full or part time. If PT how many hours per week and weeks per year? : ________________________


Date of commencement of current / proposed course (month & year) : ____________________________


Date of completion (month & year) : ____________________________


How do you propose to fund your course (ie student loan, parental help, grant etc) ? : ____________________________  



Please specify as fully as possible the costs of your course and any specialised materials or equipment required. Differentiate between expected course fees, materials, books and subsistence costs. : ____________________________


Please provide details of your financial circumstances. : ____________________________  


What level of support are you seeking from the Charity? : ____________________________


Are you receiving, or expecting to receive, funding from other sources? Please specify. : ____________________________


What are your career aspirations after completion of the course.? : ____________________________


How did you hear about the John Mathews Educational Charity? : ____________________________


I confirm that the above information is accurate and fully reflects my current circumstances. I also confirm that I have read the Privacy and Data Protection Policy on the application requirements page, and agree to my data being used as described therein.





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