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Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Applicants are advised that application forms and the letter that must accompany them, are distributed electronically to the Trustees, prior to the meeting at which they will be considered. Proof of residence documents ARE NOT distributed to the Trustees, being for use by the Clerk to the Trustees to verify residence. Applications to the charity are kept by The Clerk to the Trustees in paper form for two years, after which they are securely destroyed by a registered secure document disposal company. The Trustees and Clerk to the Trustees undertake to take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to applications, and applicants letters, stored on their computer. In submitting an application to the Trustees, applicants are giving their consent for the data to be distributed and kept as described above.


When considering whether to apply for an award applicants should address the following:


1. Whether the proposed course will assist in the development of exceptional talent which has been demonstrated.


2. Whether the proposed course will assist or enable the applicant to embark upon his or her chosen career path.


3. What other applications for grants, bursaries or other financial assistance have been made and with what outcome.


When submitting an application a covering letter must be included giving as much information as possible about your course and career aspirations, personal and financial circumstances. Remember when making an application that the Trustees know nothing about you except the information you provide. The more comprehensive your application, the more likely it is that it can be fully and properly considered, thus enhancing its chance of success.


Please also be aware that if an award is made, checks will be made prior to payment to verify the validity of information submitted. Any inaccuracies found may jeopardise payment of your award. If an award is made to an applicant who subsequently withdraws from the course prior to its full completion the Trustees MUST BE INFORMED within 14 days of withdrawal, of the date of withdrawal and the reason. The Trustees reserve the right in such circumstances, dependent upon the reasons for withdrawal, to require full or partial repayment of the award. If no notification is received, and it is found that withdrawal has taken place, save in exceptional circumstances, the Trustees will require full repayment of the award.


Please provide with your application proof of identity and address. A photocopy of the photograph page of your passport, driving licence or other official document is ideal and must show your home address.


An application should therefore consist of:


Completed application form


Covering letter


Proof of Identity


Please Note  If there are any queries with your application you may be contacted by email. Sometimes our communications go into the spam box, so please check carefully for any communication.


Kindred Applications


If applying as a blood line descendant of John Mathews , the founder of the charity, the following documentation must also accompany your application, in addition to the above:


- Copy of your birth certificate.


- Copy of your parent birth certificate that is a blood line descendant of John Mathews.


- Copy of your grandparent birth certificate that is a blood line descendant of John Mathews.


- Copy of your great grandparent birth certificate that is a blood line descendant of John Mathews.


- Copy of family tree that shows blood line of descent from John Mathews.


The Trustees reserve the right to ask for further proof of kindred if they believe it necessary.




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